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I am asking friends and colleagues to help me quality assure this site.  Please report any discrepancies to my email address.  Thank you and enjoy!

  1. Bullet  Colored text and/or underlined text contain links to websites with live payment policy presented from the insurance companies web sites. 

  2. Bullet  The first time  you click an insurance company link to a payment policy you may have to check an agree to terms button, from then on you will be taken directly to the payment policy. 

  3. Bullet  I have made every effort to present accurate information.  If you find discrepancies please notify me by email.  I will update the website frequently. 

  4. Bullet  My attempt to provide a free centralized source for payment, coding and documentation policy will be appreciated by some and not so much for others.

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John McCall OD, a mentor and dear friend once taught me how to land an airplane if I lost an engine;  at night, in the dark, in the clouds.  He carefully explained in a way only John could:

  1. Bullet  Get out your checklist and follow it.

  2. Bullet  Set your airspeed for best glide.

  3. Bullet  Lower flaps 10 degrees.

  4. Bullet  Lower gear.

  5. Bullet  Spiral down at 100 ft. per minute.

  6. Bullet  Watch your altitude and when you get to 100 feet above the ground turn on your lights, look out the window and if you don’t like what you see turn out the lights.

Thank you John for all you have taught me.

Same goes here.  If you don’t like what you see turn it off.  For the rest of you welcome and I hope to see you on the road, please say hi.  Or better yet come to Plano and visit.  Perhaps the best compliment to a free web site is a free on site consultation in my office.  At the very least we will have fun getting to know one another.  Count me a friend and colleague.

Kim Castleberry, OD

CEO; Plano Eye Associates