This site is dedicated to

eye care colleagues and

their practices.  The

information presented

reflects “best coding and

documentation practices”

from current eye care

payment policies.  

Policies from many health

care entities are collated into one free easy to access source.  I have made every attempt to present payment policy alone without reference to opinion.  Moreover, when opinion is rendered it will be noted with an asterisk* otherwise the information obtained here will be referenced and/or linked to the original source.  The intended audience is the practitioner in an office based setting wishing to practice a common sense approach to coding and documentation.  I share  25+ years of billing, coding and documentation experience from the perspective of a practicing optometrist and a seasoned insurance claim auditor.  Furthermore our practice has pioneered EHR technology and I will utilize this technology in the demonstration of coding and documentation examples.  I understand there are many opinions and ways to accomplish proper coding and documentation.   I hope you and your practice benefit from this “best practices” approach facilitating the often frustrating and complex world of eye care coding. 

Happy Coding,

Kim Castleberry, OD

CEO;  Plano Eye Associates



The Coding Source
  for coding, payment policy & clinical guidelines
  to EyeCodingForFree.com
Special Coding

Payment policy is exercising sound medical professional judgement in the deployment of CPT, ICD, CCI, LCD, and E&M.  Here I will summarize this payment policy for the eye care practice.  In the final analysis the Golden Rule applies...He that has the gold rules.  Understanding this will make the journey...well...a little more understood.

Kim Castleberry, OD

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